If You want Minion Birthday Party for you kids then you are at right place. We are here to make your kids birthday party special. We provide Minions, drink table, boys party, yellow and blue colour theme, streamers, poms, snack table, minions snacks. Minion Party decoration, minion cakes, minion cups and plates, and much more

Do you know why kids love Minions character so much. Then I watch movie online, ‘They are attractive creatures with funny behaviour, with a big round and strong innocence’. then I get why kids love these character so much – sounds very familiar! If your lovely Kids are Minion fans too, they gonna love this amazing idea!

1. Invite your guests in Minion style

Party invitations don’t have to be expensive. There is lots of minion invitation available on internet just download it and go for print. Other wise contact us we will me it customised according to your demand.

2. Let’s Get started

Let’s arrange printable for minion theme party like flag, table matts, cup cake base, party favour holders, party signs and others.

3. Minion theme party decorations

To decor minion theme party must use blue and yellow colour combination. Gate should be yellow and blue, stage and cake table should be decor with yellow and blue balloon colour.

4. Other Minion theme party decorations

Other minion theme party decoration ideas as in picture below. Use a goggle printable and paste it on yellow balloon and use it to decor your party area. like wall, centre piece table, path way and others.

5. Thematic Party hats

Use home made thematic birthday cap for kids. These birthday caps are look very attractive and they bona grace your minion theme party.

6. Minion live character

Higher minion live character for move them in the party area. This will grace your party and kids will have fun. They feel like that they are with real character.

7. Minion thematic cake

Order a thematic minion cake from market. Thematic foundation cake is very popular now days.

8. Minion costumes

Buy minion Costumes from online market place like amazon. These costumes will grace your party which feels like minion theme party

9. Minion bowling game

This is very easy to craft minion theme bowling game. You can use soft drink bottle and colour it in minion style.

10. Hand made minion

Make your own handmade minion to decor your party area. its very easy to make minion with papers and all.

11. Minion hit game

This game is very popular between kids in open garden. You will have to pass a ball from the minion head.

12. Pin the eyes of minion game

This game is popular between adults and kids both. Cover your eyes with cloth and pin the eyes of minion if you will able to pin then you will got the prize.